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11-05-2012, 08:38 AM
I see it as a way to handle a bit of power brownout on cannon cruisers and probably a beastly dual beam cruiser build item.

From using it vs NPCs its as good as or better to have on the rear than a MK XII borg antiproton turret. Reason being that NPCs are basically very easy to flatten a shield facing on then you have to chew through their mas of HP, Which this turret does nicely. Yes CRF, CSV do increase turrets up to its dps range. On a sci or escort probably about equal for the most part on a cruiser with 8 weapons having one not running at double rate really helps the power drain and improves the dps of the main fore cannons which are what really matters.
Also further playing revealed that it deals damage in 4 bursts over its firing cycle.

So its not a terrible item its just not the must have that the assimilated console is for dps basically.

For completeness again comparison between the romulan turrets I have available(but am to broke on dil to buy and try)
Turret [Dmg]x2

The store has every other combo in between including CritD and hit%, rather nice IMO.

And lastly since I'm becoming a paparazzi apparently here are 2 shots of the beam just firing from a center point to whichever enemy.