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11-05-2012, 08:43 AM
At he Elite STF channel uses the Left, Right, Center method listed above. There are more efficient ways, BUT the most important point is that the team knows the plan. With reduced DPS the order in which you clear the room becomes very important. When you kill a borg in that room it will respawn in about 2 minutes.

Therefore the best plan will generally involve, a clear as you go strategy. I have seen a team of engineers, all with the doffs for mortars clear the room in the time it takes to setup their super bunker. A team with very high dps tacs can easily clear the room in 30 seconds. Still, any of these methods still involve teamwork. In the queens room, the less is more. The less you have to kill to get to the next step, the faster you go.

If the team doesn't have the dps to finish the room fast then it might be best for everyone to move together. The extra knockbacks from push weapons will be handy.

If you struggle with jumping, then your team should try going counter clockwise. That way you avoid one of the dangerous jumps. IF you plan to do this then clear right and center and leave left for last. This still requires teamwork.