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Epohh are very clearly Targs with antennae and glowing eyes. Couldn't the model be more unique? Some options to differentiate them from a targ: Make them completely furry, instead of just a mane. Alter to muzzle to be a little more elephantine instead of porcine. Make them shades of green, yellow and blue to blend with the planet. Making an alien creature is fun and shouldn't just be an afterthought.

One thing Guild Wars 2 did extremely well is foster cooperation instead of competition between players by making mobs and resources/items open for all use instead of single character activation/kill only. As Trek is more about cooperation this would be a concept you should steal and implement on Mol'Rihan. (not sure if your game engine can handle it though). You've already have a ton of timegates in S7 already, be generous to the players and foster an environment where everyone is a friend and helper instead of a killstealer and node thief.

Doff pack and grinder prices are INSANE. And with no communication on this, everyone is assuming the worst, diabolical reasons for it.

Social engineering by playing with dilithium rewards for stf/events restricts players from their preferred activity and fosters resentment. Even out the rewards and let players do what they enjoy. If not many are playing fleet events, revisit that scenario and see what can be tightened up. Or, use your metrics, figure out the target dil/minute formula and apply it to all group events. If an stf takes an avg of 30 min to complete have the dil reward be twice that of a 15 min run.

Not terribly happy about how grindy the rep system is. It's one of the most artifical and work-like of the rep systems I've played in MMOs over the years. If, in practice, the rep system to far too much to handle casually, I wont use it and my playtime will likely dwindle. I've got other MMOs I play and a full Steam roster. You've got competition for my time!