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Originally Posted by mastergenera1 View Post
from what ive read the reason why the E is getting scrapped is cause in the wake of 9/11(2001) she was recalled from the indian ocean of to a point in the persian gulf,her and her entire task force went flank speed all the way there.but those 8 reactors pushed out enough energy for the E for her to reach the 50-60 knot range all the way there beating her task force by days and damaging her keel in the is sad they wont just repair the damage instead of scrapping her.

Not true. She was only one day out from the Strait of Hormuz on 9/11. She was redirected at flank speed, did beat her escorts, but didn't need to maintain that speed for long (certainly nowhere near the ship's own records) and no damage to the ship from the following combat operations was made public. They don't keep a ship in active duty for eleven years with an irreparable keel.

She's being retired because she's the oldest active duty ship in the US navy, the oldest nuclear ship in the world, the smallest carrier left in the US Navy, a member of a discontinued class who's successor class is now also up for replacement.