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Originally Posted by canis36 View Post
What's your turning radius like? I find that it's easy enough to boost turn rate on a cruiser, but most of the time thanks to inertia ratings I find that it takes me something like 2.5-4 km to make that turn when they have really low base turn rates.
Pretty big tbh, but if I flew it all the time inertia would be something i'd fly around: throttling back to make a sharp turn, that kind of thing. I'd also swap the monotanium console for another neutronium for 4 in total: aux to dampeners gives a kinetic resist bonus.

It kind of worked. Pretty niche though. Best thing is, it'd leave you free to chain ep power to X as well, I believe.

Personally, I thi nk cruisers are fine, right up to when you hit VA. Then you start end game stuff and realise that currently escorts are fairly solid and kick out a shed load more damage. Dunno if any ones suggested this before, but how about cruisers having some form of innate power drain resistance, but keep everything else the same?

Not trying to start any cruiser vs escort shenanigans.