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Originally Posted by nimloh View Post
Thanks for the replies. I have some follow up questions.

1. Will Hazard Emitters I and Hazard Emitters II both taken with the Lt. Sci officer share the same cooldown?

2. Should I scrap Viral Matrix as a Captain (even with a countermeasure sci console)? The skill is improved with Admiral tier skill points. If I keep it, should I switch positions with Gravity Well or Tyken's so I could get GW III or TR III with Viral Matrix I?

3. A lot of interesting Sci abilities share the same cooldown: Gravity Well, Tyken's Rift, Tachyon Beam, ect. I've tried to avoid getting more then one of these which I why I chose Viral Matrix--it doesn't share a cooldown. It this a mistake? I am worried too much about avoiding abilities sharing the same cooldown>
1. Yes, there'll be a slight overlap. You won't get full uptime out of both powers, but you'll get better uptime than with just one copy.

2. Personally, Gravity Well, Tykens Rift or Tractor Beam Repulsors are all I'll bother taking for offensive Science BOFF powers. And Transfer Shield Strength, Hazard Emitters and Polarize Hull 1 for defensive powers.

3. Don't worry quite so much, test it and see what setup you prefer.

Generally speaking, you can expect a bit of negative impact between two powers that share the same system cooldown. Example: if Power A and Power B both recharge in 60 seconds, using one will likely mean that you need to wait 45 seconds before using the other. There are certain exceptions (Emergency Power to X being an obvious one), but it's a good rule of thumb for science powers.

If you're soloing a bit in PVE, there are a lot of viable space setups. And a Science Captain is probably the best soloist for ground combat. Find a ship you like the look of, and ask around. For levelling up, you can get by extremely well with just 1-2 copies of Tac Team 1, plus 1-2 copies of Emergency Power to Shields and one copy of Hazard Emitters. Aux2SIF and TSS are nice additions if you fly something a bit squishier.

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