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11-05-2012, 09:36 AM
Originally Posted by mrodds View Post
Thanks for the feedback!!!! We'll be looking at the insta-kills and the rewards.... If you all could, would you please post how long it took you to complete this STF? Remember to post if your time is for a normal run or elite.
I hope so! and while you are at it please consider a pass on the Torpedo Spread 3 spamming of the B'gers...
Insta kills are known for a year now and nothing has been done. I hope you take the feedback now more seriously and remove them once and for all.

As it stands now, I won't run Onslaught on Elite ever. Why should I attempt an STF which is simply ridiculous. I'd rather wait 30min for a Reset timer than to spend a whole evening trying to beat Onslaught... This Onslaught on my nerves just isn't worth it. Simple as that. Sorry for this wasted content.

To your question:
Normal: it took about 20minutes

Elite: 3 attempts, no single victory. Overall spend over 40minutes up to 1.2 hours on the latest try, before I gave up.

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