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"Reduced all Duty Officer input requirements on Fleet Starbase Projects
If a project previously required only White duty officers, the number required has been decreased . "

Really?? So now it will take a solo player 1 months to get to tier 3 starbase?

You may or may not know my solo Fleet "Starbase 001" FULLY completed a Tier 3 starbase several weeks ago.

BY MYSELF - and I did not spend a dime on it other than my gold monthly stipend.

I started right at the begining before there was the fleet vendor - before the fleet vendor kurfuffle(?)

So since this change can only help out people up to tier 3 - as then it switches to 2 sections of doffs - I have to ask - why?

If 1 person can meet the existing doff requirements and finish a Tier 3 starbase 2 weeks ago - without the fleet vendor for what several weeks at least - any fleet with 5 players - let alone 10+ should be able to get the doffs required while sleepwalking through the process!

So that is the question Zero - if I could under the old system complete a tier 3 starbase with the original system of even more limited doff availibily - why does the doff requirements need to be lowered?

If this is done - I will start a new fleet and complete a tier 3 base in under 2 months - just to show what a mockery of a system - this LONG-TERM - based on 25 players- construction pocess is.