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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Shields and Hull become imperviuos for a time? That fits with the Mary Sue nature of the vessel from the books.

I wonder if this is considered "a little OP" to help sell it or alot OP, and it will sell better.
Well to use that you need 3 consoles. Now you have 10 slots. You might want dmg in the tac consoles, that leaves you with 6 slots. Now you might want the borg console and an rcs for your DHC's. That leaves you with one slot for probably more shield cap.
That means you are a sci ship with no sci consoles.

I don't know how good the 3 consoles themselves are but I dont think they are that strong. I think that might actually be part of the problem. Maybe they balanced the ship using the 3 consoles and probably one in a sci, one in a tac and one in an engi slot.