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# 129 Season 7 Tribble Feedback
11-05-2012, 09:53 AM
I played around with the new changes for Season 7 on Tribble and have a bit of feedback.

Most pressing is that I hope that we can have the reputation system as an account progression system and not a character unlock. I doubt I'm the only one who has a bit of replayability by enjoying the variety of having each character class for both factions. Since this system is set up to be balanced for the casual player over a time period of a few months, having 6x that would be rather terrible. I don't mind a little grind, but I don't feel the need to solo a starbase and I don't have a desire to grind up the same reputation systems for each character just because I garner some fun and replayability by switching classes.

The second is that I realize the reputation system is the wave of the future for new content/items, so it makes sense to rejigger the existing STF rewards to fit the new mold. However it would be much more palatable, and rather more sensical, to just require omega marks for reputation progression, rather than an added dilithium tax and a wacky variety of provisions/shileds/etc., to siphon off energy credits. A reputation system just eating up omega marks/romulan marks would be far more well received.