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I was monkeying with A2B and drunk blew my mind by doubling it.

EPS consoles and skill affect how quickly your aux cycles back so there's actually plenty of time to lay off the A2B to recover enough for aux heals, and when you do you will still have EPTA up. With a single copy of A2B I was actually dumping EPS so the bonus to the other subs was still lingering at like 13 sec. 2 copies are ridiculous and should have EPS pumped, imo.

And there's a bug on tribble that will solve that problem completely when it goes live, lol.
Have you noticed anything wonky with your EPTS + EPTA +(2) ATB1 builds?

I have noticed that (in my key bind) that when it starts the cycle with EPTA + runs keybind + ends with ATB1, that after the ATB has taken effect (lowered Aux to 0) and then lapsed the effects of EPTA will kick back in and buff my Aux for a time.

Its as if the EPTA goes into effect, gets sucked dry by ATB and then comes back after ATB wheres off for a time.
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The Federation may have all the superficial attention - but the game engine has a Klingon heart that lives only for battle.
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I'm seroiusly thinking about leaving this game for a while.