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Originally Posted by redstarswe View Post
You are in luck! If you really want to run a torp bop there is a really good thread for it:

Have a good read Weapon power to 25, max out aux and put the rest where you see fit Good luck
Thank you. I won't be reading all 28 pages of that right now, but I will soon.

Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
Bio-Neural is a Tricobalt torpedo type. They are going to put each other on cooldown (torpedo and mines).

Tractor Beam, I believe, also forces you out of cloak, no?

If you spend most of your time in cloak, you don't really need Sci Team. Pick up another hull healer like Hazard Emitters.

I have 6 skill points in Stealth and no stealth consoles. I can sit on top of a Sci Captain's Sci ship who has 125 aux (while mine is at 118), and he can't see me at 0km. The stealth consoles aren't needed. If someone hits you with something that is going to reveal you're location, you're SOL no matter how many consoles you have.

In place of the sci consoles, consider universal ones. Such as the Assimilated Module. I have the Rule 62 console, which gives 11% to mine and torpedo damage. If I had more Lobi crystals on my Klingon (they are all on my Fed now), I would consider getting the Tachyokinetic Converter, but it's not necessary for a B'rel.
Actually, the two tric mines have a shared cooldown, and the Bio-neural and Tric torpedo have a cooldown, but the four do not share cooldown between each other (mines and torps). I have noticed that I can fire my Bio-neural and a Chroniton torpedo with each other though.

By Tractor Beam, do you mean me tractoring another, or being tractored? It's yes for both though. I find it useful for holding someone down, be it for them to get tric mined, or keeping them from moving for someone else.

I keep most of my lobi on one toon, expensive enough getting things as is.

Even so, my thought on the stealth is that if I am gonna be seen when I fire off abilities and torps, ok. But when I do, I wanna get back into such a strong stealth that I can't be found, even if I was sitting still. If I get caught by a de-cloak ability, that is my fault to have been caught in the first place.