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11-05-2012, 10:17 AM
Zirac and Minimax are two awesome (but always evil!) Klinguns who know very well how to fight in a Bop, but their combat style is different.
Zirac is like a surgeon, very cold and accurate he plans to perfection his alpha attack and when in trouble doesn't hesitate to disengage from the battlefield.
Minimax instead seems a kamikaze, very aggressive he continues on fighting till the vaporization of the target, but sometimes exaggerates and ends up being destroyed.
It's really fascinating to see them in action and I never hit them at Ker'rat when they are struggling as a sign of respect, even though I am one of their favorite targets.
Two very skilled players, two terrific Bops, two very evil Klinguns!
This is a real Starfleet Cruiser, the awesome Adm. Marcus Vengeance! Stol Fed Cruisers suck!

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