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Originally Posted by robinsonfamily View Post
So now that the testing weekend is over, when can expect Season Seven to go live?
Hopefully not for quite a while yet - they rushed S6 along because of all the "chomping at the bit," yet paid very little attention to the feedback they were getting on glitches and things that were inherently weak or bad ideas. What happened to the first 75% of the train wreck that was S6, then, you ask? They spent a chunk of it fixing a lot (though not all) of the things that the player base had let them know about during testing!

So, if you're listening up there, ye gawds of Cryptic/PWE: PLEASE pay attention to your player base and get things as right as you can BEFORE the S7 launch - I PROMISE the players will be happier, and then you'll be happier because - let's face the bottom line - you'll make more money. It's SUCCESSFUL production, not production itself, that gives you positive results...

Just sayin.'

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