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Ok, season 7 is going to land soon and screw up/fix (depending on your position) aquiring STF gear.

I'm looking to upgrade my Vo'Quv PvE build - I have been lucky enough to bag both the HG and Omega mk12 shields, and I got a prototype engine tech yesterday in CSE, and a rare deflector tech sat in the bank. At the moment I'm using 3 piece borg + HG shield.

Currently I'm running polaron weapons, but the damage is a bit lacking - enter stage left my cunning plan to combine polarized disruptors with the tet glider 2 piece bonus from the Omega set, to give me (hopefully) a triple proc build that will be a bit more effective, allowing me to strip shields quicker and debuff hull resistance to maximise torp damage from my advanced BOPs.

I can use either shield to get the 2 piece bonus, and have the tech available to get a three piece combination - I'm pretty sure I'll be stuck with whatever I pick for a good couple of months, so I would really appreciate some advice.