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11-05-2012, 10:33 AM
It depends on the map.

For Arena start moving right away. Even if you need time to coordinate move away, it doesn't need to be toward the otherside and can be away from it to buy you time to get situated. If you don't bother moving, the otherside will think you don't care and just try and get it over with quickly b/c it's not fun for them and no reason to drag it out.

For C&H and Kerrat you're fighting over resources and imo it is a valid tactic to suppress the otherside from obtaining said resources. Also, KDF have a dilithium mission for killing turrets so in C&H you may see them blowing up your spawn point defenses.

As far as beating a spawn camp, bfi, pop an engine battery, hit evasives, and pop a hold breaking Boff ability such as PH or APO if needed in that order. Spam distribute shields as well. Equip a hyperimpulse engine. Have ET ready incase they try and nuke your engines. In addition to BFI you may need to sub in Kinetic resist consoles and aux2damp if there's tric mines. If there are mines you may want Deut as a backup b/c they will strip evasives.

Chat w/your pugmates to try and respawn all at once and pick a rendezvous point. Don't engage @ your spawn point. You can try and comeback to help those who got popped by using a confuse like SS or AMS, but again don't engage at spawn point move away from it.