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Originally Posted by starwrathforever View Post
Zirac and Minimax are two awesome (but always evil!) Klinguns who know very well how to fight in a Bop, but their combat style is different.
Zirac is like a surgeon, very cold and accurate he plans to perfection his alpha attack and when in trouble doesn't hesitate to disengage from the battlefield.
Minimax instead seems a kamikaze, very aggressive he continues on fighting till the vaporization of the target, but sometimes exaggerates and ends up being destroyed.
It's really fascinating to see them in action and I never hit them at Ker'rat when they are struggling as a sign of respect, even though I am one of their favorite targets.
Two very skilled players, two terrific Bops, two very evil Klinguns!
Yeah, I've teamed up with Zirac using a build and tactics similar to his. The two of us working together are pretty darn effective.

The key thing is not being afraid to run away when things get rough. Hit the target, maybe do another strafing run or two, and then escape and enter cloak. Then set up another attack run and do it again when the time is ripe. Timing is crucial.

I've been known to harass a specific target for minutes on end, just strafing them, running off and cloaking, and then strafing again 20-30 seconds later. It's fun to toy with 'em