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March 21 1983, USS Enterprise arrived in Sasebo, Japan, for a five-day port visit, the first since 1968. The carrier returned to San Francisco Bay April 28. During the final leg of the inbound channel, approximately half a mile from the pier, USS Enterprise run aground and was delayed for five hours until the incoming tide and tugs freed her. While deployed the Air Wing flew approximately 29,000 hours and recorded over 11,000 traps.
An interesting little tidbit that was never reported to the general public, Enterprise ran aground because she lost a screw in the harbor and control was immediately lost because of the imbalance in propulsion. The prop was loose for months and was likely due to work done during the overhaul at Bremerton. I departed the ship in Sasebo so I wasn't onboard at the time of the incident, but shipmates told me the story a few years later. Word was Capt. R. J. Kelly lost his command because of the incident.
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