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Originally Posted by squishkin View Post
1. Not everyone is as... 'devoted' as you are.
2. The cost to use the doff-grinder has increased significantly.
3. Reputation projects and Embassy holdings now consume resources as well.
4. The General Recruitment doff pack now costs a lot more.
5. Because (as far as I can tell), the curve is dramatically uneven. At Tier 0-Tier 1, time is the primary gating factor, whereas as you get into higher tiers, cost is the primary gating factor. This seems to be designed to attempt to flatten the curve somewhat.
There is NO major change in the curve until after Tier 3 - then it goes vertical. So reducing 1-3 does not make sense.

"It was a dedicated experiment for me" - true - but under the current system if I was to start over it would take no more than 2 months doing the same - and I barely used the duty packs from the academy - so does not make sense again.

currently common doffs are 1/2 or 1/3 the price on the exchange that they were. Does not make sense to lower.

There was no fleet vendor when I started - now there is - does not make sense to lower.

Doff grinder cost is irrelevent when talking about commons - I did not usde it to upgride to green then down grind to common again - lowering does not make sense again.

Yes embassy is new but my fall back MAIN position:

Given ALL the harder inputs and less outputs of doffs that were availible to me - 1 person - one person - me and only me - numero uno - just 1 and only 1 could complete a TIER 3 t-i-e-r THREE starbase in 3 1/2 months!!

For a "fleet' which usually mean 5+ there is ZERO(no pun intended) that they could not do the same without any doff reductions in the same amout of time!

The system was built off 25 people - so that makes what I was able to accomplish is just over 3 months - PROVE that tier 0-3 is EXTREMELY EASY

Nothing can dispute that given my accomplishment and the data used to construct current starbase requirements.

No reduction below Tier 3 is needed.