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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
There is NO major change in the curve until after Tier 3 - then it goes vertical. So reducing 1-3 does not make sense.
But cost was never the major factor at 1-3, so reducing the cost there is of less relevance.

currently common doffs are 1/2 or 1/3 the price on the exchange that they were. Does not make sense to lower.
Some doffs are cheap, and some or not. Consider, say, Security Officer doffs.

There was no fleet vendor when I started - now there is - does not make sense to lower.
As the exchange demonstrates, this doesn't drop the cost of all doffs.

Doff grinder cost is irrelevent when talking about commons - I did not usde it to upgride to green then down grind to common again - lowering does not make sense again.
Not all doffs required for projects are commons. Some are, but as the notes point out, that's not the only change made.

No reduction below Tier 3 is needed.
I think you're entirely missing the point. Nobody is suggesting that it can't be done.

As I said, it's my impression that up to about T3 time is the gating factor, not cost. Reducing cost below T3 doesn't change that but it does flatten the curve above T3.

Tell me, by the way. How much did you spend getting your starbase to T3? In dilithium and EC?

Edit: Because the plural of anecdote is data, my fleet has about 200 members in it and we haven't yet reached T3. I personally have about 1.1m lifetime fleet credit.