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Unfortunately buffs from Tactical Consoles won't carry across to your pets.

The only direct way of increasing their damage are Flight Deck Officers. If you go down this route, then chosing an "+accuracy in intercept mode" DOFF might be more viable than choosing a "+damage in escort mode" DOFF... getting your fighters to consistently attack something in "Escort Mode" really requires a friendly target who is going to stay in close range to the enemy, but you can tell your fighters to attack something and then switch them straight into "Intercept mode" without causing their AI to go on the fritz.

You can, however, indirectly increase their damage by debuffing whatever they're shooting at. Attack Pattern Beta, Disruptor Weaponry, Power Drains, etc... all work well. A good combination is to increase your pets' accuracy via the appropriate DOFF, then immobilise whatever they're shooting at in order to drastically increase their critical chance/severity. Gravity Well or Power drains accomplish this nicely.
well ive pretty much got the entire setup youve described minus the flight deck doffs. thank for clearing up that minor gap in the carrier wiki.