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Originally Posted by squishkin View Post
Tell me, by the way. How much did you spend getting your starbase to T3? In dilithium and EC?

Edit: Because the plural of anecdote is data, my fleet has about 200 members in it and we haven't yet reached T3. I personally have about 1.1m lifetime fleet credit.
The dilth cost are set - you can count them up for yourself - I did almost all assignments the DOFF only assignemts for 1000xp

That's another reason I can tell you doff requirements ARE NOT the problem.

for the first 2 months Security doffs were 300k each - sensor doffs were as high as $1.6 million

Security now is $90 and sensor $150 - that is chump change by comparison. 1/3 and 1/10th the cost

That is not the Problem

DOFF requirements do NOT need to be lowered tier 0-3 - as I said I used ZERO - $0 dollars on the base other than my 500 zen Gold sub stipend

The real problem for smaller fleets is DILTHIUM requirements - not doffs.

If you have 200 people in your fleet then doffs are NOT the problem - if they are there is something MAJORLY wrong.

Zero please listen - doffs requirements are not the problem going to T0 - T3 - I have proved that - with my solo starbase. These things were supposed to take time - i built a T3 in over 3 months by myself - If you lower doff requirements you are going to make the building of these things as long-term project a TOTAL FARSE!