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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
I believe you had a typo and meant to say you were looking to upgrade your PvP gear

From PvE testing on tribble yesterday using 3 part KHG I found out the following:

1. You can use it while in combat.

2. You can use all abilities while it's active.

3. It gives AoE defensive bonus.

4. Not sure on the "stealth" part since there was no one around to test in PvP.

5. I don't know if the "stealth" is based on aux when activate or fluctuates as aux fluctuates since there was no obvious "stealth" listed. But, there was a "stealth detection". This is odd b/c w/cloak you do see what your stealth rating is.

It's hard to say what Tet Glider's usefulness will be, since there's so many changes to shields and procs added which repair shields from consoles and reputation system. But, for a carrier I'd lean toward KHG set espcially if you plan on using mines as I assume it would stack w/thier built in MES.
Yesterday I ran my Hegh'ta with KHG, and then switched over to the Bortasque, which got 2 pieces of Omega and a Fleet deflector (can't seem to make that XII salvage deflector on KASE...)

HG worked pretty much like normal for the BoP, though running the Mask Energy signature DID seem to help the others when those two Unimatrix ships showed up. otoh, Engine/shield combo for the Omega seemed to just make the same borg in a different mission instance go "Oooh, EASY target!!"

For PVP, I suspect Tet Glider's more useful than MES unless you have pets-which the OP does, for a Carrier with no turn and OMG levels of inertia, I suspect KHG will work better even in the two-part set, than Omega, which seems more geared for Escorts in terms of it's abilities.