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Originally Posted by squishkin View Post
But cost was never the major factor at 1-3, so reducing the cost there is of less relevance.
Considering it was already a fairly achievable solo project and trivial to fleets smaller than those the system was balanced around, not just "of less relevance" but "fully irrelevant." Reduction of a trivial value is trivial.

As for at higher tiers: The uncommon inputs rapidly exceed the standard recruitment rate of even the largest fleets, in part due to the rarity check and primarily due to requiring specific departments, and require literally millions of fleet credits burned in boxes to fill by brute force. And these are projects that a maxed fleet would have run a total of 300 to 450 times.

These are the major limiters for most fleets, reducing them to commons and broadening the accepted inputs from specializations to departments alleviates that pressure, but also massively increases the total doff inputs, prompting the distributed reduction.

But that's not the end of the story yet: New fleets are now saddled with an embassy in addition to their starbase. This has roughly doubled the total resource load on a new fleet, and more than doubled it on doffs thanks to the high doff inputs on the initial projects (50 for 1200 xp vs. 7 or 24 for 1000). And because of embassies lower XP bars, it's steepened the curve.

Also note that embassy projects aren't included in the reduction. Even with the reduction, this is a net increase in doff load on all fleets. In fact, even eliminating them outright from starbase projects would still leave this being a net increase of 28 doffs per cycle at tier 0, and extrapolating the embassy curve it should remain a net increase until the embassy is capped and the Starbase is part way through tier 2.

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