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11-05-2012, 11:42 AM
Spent a few hours on Tribble yesterday, and am really impressed by what I've seen so far. I like the improvements to the loading screens and the graphics quality overall.

Getting to wander around New Romulus was fun. I would like to echo the sentiment that completing mission objectives should not be able to be interfered with by other players. By that I mean that by the time I get to one console to repair it, someone else has already done it and I have to either wait for it to break again or wander around to repair another console. The same is true with any of the other objective-based missions on the planet.

I would also like to echo some of the sentiments regarding the radiation scan mini-games (this also applies to dilithium mining and other such mini-games). It just feels like so much work for so little reward. I would liken it to working a minimum wage job for 5 years just to be able to buy a rusted out used Kia. Especially since a DOFF mission usually pays out 5 units of dilithium per assignment (on average). Perhaps a way to solve this would be to have some dilithium drops when an opposing ship is destroyed in battle. Or, like someone suggested earlier, have a dilithium-energy credit exchange system. The same principle holds for the radiation scans, with the exception of the EC exchange system or battle drops. But do make the reward to effort ratio higher, please.

The sector patrol missions that I did were also fun. I'm pleased that they're not all just "kill x waves of y-faction ships and be on your way" type missions. I appreciate the variety.

Overall, I like what I see so far, and am excited to see what's coming down the pipeline!