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OK. I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I just want to throw my 2 EC in about a PvP revitalization program. The following will be 90% completely comprised of features that are either currently in the game, or will be released with Season 7. It is a PvP system that will hopefully solve a number of problems, and be a compromise between the PvP community and Cryptic's business model. I propose setting up a PvP system that is in line with the reputation system being released with S7. Some people will like it, some people will hate it, but I think we all agree that it is going to take radical changes to PvP to either save it, or finish it off once and for all. I, for one, and at the point that I would like to see an all out, last ditch effort, and either excel with it, or just watch the world burn.

Like the reputation system on Tribble, the PvP "rep" system would be set up in multiple tiers: Casual, Advanced & Elite. As you play through the various PvP matches, you will earn "experience" for lack of a better word. The system would be set up so that as you win matches, you will be rewarded. Yes, WIN matches. The reason for this is that it will weed out the weaker "I'm just here for the dilithium" farmers, and allow actually PvPers to participate in matches. I would propose to set it up as follows:

Tiers: Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3

Casual: (3) Sections (3) Sections (3) Sections (Tier 1 Complete)

NOTE: Sections would be similar to how starbases and rep system is currently set up, with marks, dilithium, and commodities to complete missions.

Advanced: (3) Sections (3) Sections (3) Sections (Tier 2 Complete)

Elite: (3) Sections (3) Sections (3) Sections (Tier 3 Complete)

As the rep system on Tribble is currently set up, completing each section and/or tier will grant bonuses, but I wouldn't like to see "uber game changing powers" to be granted, but more over improvements to skills: Tier 1 to grant + X to Starship Targeting Systems or + X to Starship Maneuvers. Let the player set their ships up the way that they want to, improving on skills that they normally would use in their chosen setup. Now, the problem that would persist with this is players advancing beyond their means, and ending up with a person who doesn't want to learn to fight past a casual skill ending up facing off against players of a higher caliber. If you choose to advance from casual to advanced, you are given a one week "grace period", where you can choose a one time decrease in your PvP rank. A player who moved to "advanced" would be able to decrease back down to "casual" if they see, within the week, that they just aren't going to be able to cut it, but a determined player who wants to learn to be better will persevere, and fight/train to become better. If the "week probation" is too severe, then issue it as a token, but when they degrade, they loose any bonuses they might have earned while in that higher rank, and if they decide to return in the future, then they must work their way back up the ranks to regain those bonuses. The same holds true for "advanced" to "elite".

Now, for the harder choices to make to revitalize PvP:

1.) Marks are earned by WINNING: loosing nets you nothing. "But Deadpool! If you don't get anything for loosing, then there won't be any incentive to play!" You are right, to a point. There are enough passionate players who will play, either win or loose, to keep ploding along, and improving their fighting style and skill, to win, so that marks are earned. The main reason for this leads into #2.

2.) Dilithium is earned with MARKS: You win, you cash in marks, you get dilithium. You loose, you don't get any marks, and farmers are at a net loss. Remove the dailies that earn dilithium, win or loose. This is not a time in PvP to coddle the farmers to make sure that we the PvPers get the multiple matches we deserve. It is not a time for fine surgical procedures. It is a time to sever a certain limb, and either heal and become stronger for it, or introduce an infection, and let it all die.

3.) Leaderboard Points are earned for winning, and lost for loosing: Leaderboard Points, very similar to what is in place for starbases. If you win, you get X points. If you loose, you get -Y points. When the queue groups people, it will take a total number of "Personal PvP Points" and group you with people of a comparble total. "But Deadpool! That means that since my premade is too 733T, we won't get to play very often!" To a point, yes, you are correct, but it also ensures that almost every time, premades will face off against premades, and puggers will face off against puggers. It is not a time in PvP for the faint of heart. Pull up your bootstraps, fight to be better than what you are, and gain your points to group up with and against people of your own caliber. If you win earn your points and fight against a more challenging calibre, if you loose, learn from your experience, and fight to be better. What this also does is fleets with "cheese" builds guaranteed to win, will find themselves in a bracket where they do nothing but fight against other "cheese" guaranteed wins, or find out that the old saying "it's lonely at the top" holds true even here. Then they will either be forced to degrade themselves and tarnish their "never loose" reputation by entering matches where they have to loose and loose points to bring themselves down to a lower average, or to sit at the lonely top and reconsider their "cheese guaranteed win" builds.

To use the medical analogy again, this is not the time for surgery, making tiny cuts to hopefully fix the underlying problems. This is butchery: cutting out the cancerous portions that exist today in PvP, and building off of what is left. Is this a fair solution? No. Is this a perfect solution, no, but it is better than what we have in the game today, and it gives us something to fight for. Which brings me to #4:

4.) NEW PVP QUEUE: PvP Arena and PvP Cap & Hold: (This is where I see the pitch forks and fire coming in) Cross faction PvP. * Collective Gasp!* Yes, cross faction PvP. Let's face it, with this new system in place, it will be hard to find faction based matches. I don't propose getting rid of the current FvF, KvK & FvK setups. In fact, I am opposed to getting rid of them, but, for a while, in splitting up the "ranks" of PvPers, it will be hard to find matches to earn marks, points, etc., so the "band-aid" solution would be to open the faction barriers and allow for more people to group up and participate. "But Deadpool! I am a die-hard Klink/Fed, and I would rather not log in than to group with a stinky Fed/Klink!" Then this is one of those hard decisions that you are going to have to make to save PvP. The option is not being taken away from you, but rather making it your choice to either advance quickly, or to stick to your passions. Listen, this is a war, but it is not a war between Fed vs. Klinks. It is a war to save PvP as a whole, while bringing in a new generation of fighters to thicken the PvP pool, and it will allow everyone to fight in a bracket they are comfortable with. Eventually, a casual player will see that they are "better" than the group of opponents they normally face off against. Now, a bully will stay in that rank, and keep ROFL-stomping on their opponents, but it keeps them out of the higher brackets to allow for actual PvPers to enjoy the game. Yes, it does suck in the long run, but then it forces the casual player to make the decision to either get better and advance higher in the ranks, if for nothing just to get away from the bully, or to suffer the bully, and accept that it is a price to pay for their unwillingness to learn.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and these are the most dire times I have seen for PvP since the game began. It is time to build or destroy. There is no middle ground. There is no halfway point. It is time for the passionate players to fight for what they believe in, and I think you will all agree that regardless of faction, the serious PvPers are all passionate to see PvP prosper and grow. I welcome people to look at this proposed system and discuss it, to make changes to it to better PvP, but it is the solution that I have thought about for quite a while now, and I, for one, want to whatever it takes to butcher PvP to the point that we are left with nothing but the best parts, and leave the rot and decay behind. This benefits us, because it takes out a majority of the negative things holding true PvP back. It benefits Cryptic because it keeps players in the game longer, and could possibly net Z-Point sales from the more......impatient.....players who want to get dilithium quicker to advance faster. It is a final push in a war that will soon be over, regardless of which side wins: PvP life or death. The choice is up to us and Cryptic; hard choices to ensure that a floundering portion of the game could be popular and profitable. It makes most everyone happy, to a certain degree or another, and to those that this, or any hard changes, doesn't make happy, then maybe you were the cancer that needed cutting out.

Your friendly neighborhood Merc with a Mouth,

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