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# 135 Tribble Suggestions
11-05-2012, 12:51 PM
Hi my observations on the "Season 7-Tribble" from a female's perspective. First off, I do think most of the content is different and I noticed everything is being geared to individual game play. Though I understand the project based system and how it will lead to more faction introductions a few notes
1. Hive space-at normal was a lot of fun, I can't imagine "elite" but even after doing 850 stfs, challenging, but all stf's are a challenge when you first do them. Ground was a little easier.
2. Romulan project based home world is different and will be fun to explore and get into.
3. Love the new alerts with Tholians, and hopefully would like to see such alerts of different varieties in all sectors. I do think this is more preferable than searching enemies in a sector that are a little redundant and inconsistent.
4. The only issue I had with the reputation system is that it is very confusing as to what choices lead to what?so basically during the testing. I did everything, which I don't think is the intent. I do think more end result choices need to be given to the player that gives them a uniqueness to that scale chosen?For example, Omega Tactician, Omega Scientist, Omega Marauder, Omega Strategist, and equipment geared to that special course chosen, and as that chosen course is done, it grays the others. A more job specific project based system.
5. A more request to the creators to be a little more female oriented fashion. I would also like to see two things changed. One, if someone earns the Engineers to craft mkII very rare equipment where the highest percentage is 24%, then why penalize that person. I have seen consistent cool down days, where one day you can use 5 specific eng (space-let's say damage, system, tech, warp, and matter) get u purples, and the next day blues and then a day of greens. Even if this is a random thing, I see no difference in having engineers. I have made purples with Tholians, Warp Theory or Operations duffs as long as they have eff/resolve. I also think since u have the license, have used Spock, Scotty, and McCoy in episodes, why not introduce 30-35% ultimate duffs with the massive list of all these great characters in whatever rank you wish. a Ltn Kirk, Kern, Commander Trip, Senator Pardek, Data, Rom, or whatever great famous St character u wish. I would love to see a Judzia Dax Duty Officer. Each could have a unique ability and making them extremely hard to get. for example Ltn Data-gives u a faster eff time on an ability, Rom increases your energy credits, maybe Trip can increase your dill intake?something. You can even have them project oriented. Though bound is part of most games. I would stop the bind of pick up. I would also like to see Risa and actual place u can swim with a respectful bathing suit and do games.
Anyway my suggestions.