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11-05-2012, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post

Wheres the rage ?

The weapons proc [borg] isn't doing what is supposed to, the weapons are being removed from the STF store come S7, and being redesigned to work against the borg- at additional price and more grinding.

So... those mk12 purple weapons are actually mk12 blues, and nothing from the devs about fixing them or replacing them for players who already own them. You want working anti-borg weapons, you have to buy them (again) from the rep system store.

So nobody but me is bothered by this ?
If your asking if it is is kind of annoying that they knew that the proc didn't work (for how long.. who knows), but said nothing about it, letting people WASTE thier proto salvages on blue gear dressed as purple gear?

Yeah, a bit.

Would be nice for a replacement gear or something, but meh, i'll likely keep the mxii defective borg weapons on my ships that have them.

This certainly feels like a 'we shall fix the decloak when contacted by mission message.. lolnvm working as intended' move again though, bleh.