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Originally Posted by ufpdodgers View Post
Loving the idea, we really need some kind of KDF counterpart to the Vesta.

Your little back story for the ship class is brilliant and plays a little into a conversation I was having with some fleet mates earlier today, the KDF's Vesta should be a collaborative effort among the races that make up the Klingon Empire.

Originally Posted by ufpdodgers View Post
So I would build on the idea with this, the 3 variants should represent 3 of the Main KDF species.

Tactical version = Klingon design
Engineering version = Orion design
Science version = Gorn design

A radical idea I know, but the 3 versions could all share the same basic overall shape and underlying design yet at each one would have the style and spirit of there respective races.

The designs probably couldn't be kit-bashed in the tailor, but could at least be interchangeable.
I don't know, I think it would be interesting that's for sure but it would be a lot more work for cryptic so I don't think we'll ever see that. But to be honest, I'd be happy if they just gave it to us with a fresh Klingon design really .

Originally Posted by glassguitar View Post
I like it. Only change I would make is to the bridge officer seating:

LtC Sci, Lt Tac, Lt Eng, Ens Universal, Cmdr Universal

But I think the Cmdr Seat in all KDF should be Universal because I fly a BoP.
Well I considered that, but remember this is supposed to be a parallel/counter to the Vesta, and a Cmdr Universal would make it better than the fed version so the likelihood of it happening would be incredibly low I would think.

But like I've said, hopefully Cryptic takes note of this thread and grants the request .

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