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11-05-2012, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by razellis View Post
I think the Omega shield is kind of lack luster compared to the MACO and KHG options so it would be Omega engine(fastest in game according to some) and Omega deflector (highest damage lowest toughness deflector) if I wanted the tetryon glider.

That said my experience with tetryon glider has indicated it's not worth using. Shield drain effects are highly resisted right now and the bonus to DPS from the drain will probably be less than being a kilometer or so closer to a shielded target.
I haven't tested in awhile, but last I checked NPC, pet, console, and Tet glider effects were less resistable. Also, Tet glider damage wasn't range effected. Although shield distro and borg sets are being adjusted there are consoles and reputation bonuses which may more than make up for those loses meaning every bit of shield stripping will help.