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Originally Posted by chrisknight44 View Post
It takes two days just to earn 1,500 myself.
That's because you're not doing dailies.
  • Officer reports gives 1440.
  • Explore Strange New Worlds gives 1440.
  • Chart the B'tran cluster gives 1440 (do explore at the same time to complete Strange New World).
  • Aiding the Deferi gives 1440.
  • Borg Red Alert Encounters give 480 each.
  • The other two Deferi missions give 480 each.
  • Traelus system gives 480.
  • Distress call missions give 480.

If you only do the ones that give 1440, that's 5760 dilithium a day. If you do DOFFing, the 480 dil missions, STFs, and Borg encounters on top of that, you can easily max out at 8000 in just a few hours.
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