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11-05-2012, 12:53 PM
After running though this mission on Normal, with full MK XII borg weps, I'd have to say the mission needs to be toned back a bit. Being a Vet of hundreds of Elite runs, I can't even fathom this mission on Elite. Branflakes was also in our group in a vesta class, and also mentioned that the mission was a tad too hard. Other than that I absolutely loved the mission, it felt like Unimatrix 01. I also loved the borg Diamond, THANK YOU!!! !

I would digress though and say that the Diamond should not be stronger than the pair of V'ger ships that we fight. Also why is the queen in a Diamond, and not in a tactical Cube (since that is the supposed strongest Borg canon ship, although the Obelisk that was proposed for First Contact would have fit the bill.) What I suggest is having the Diamond trying out of one of the V'ger ships,, almost like a last ditch effort for the queen.

Loved the new mission, just a few short points

Edit: It took us about 25-35 mins on normal.
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