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11-05-2012, 01:58 PM
Im already lvl 50 and yeah i have the mirror qin. I got it through the lock boxes by a little luck. I decided to go with 4 DHC's fore and 2 turrets + tricobalt device launcher on the back. I just love the single hit huge damage burst. I have two Tactical team abilities and two cannon rapid fire. Also two attack pattern delta. The science and engineer have basic shield and hull heals. What i do is get in close, hit rapid fire and TT then "unleash hell". This seems to work but what i dont care for is that the qin has pretty good turn rate and you cant really use it. Your stuck "Parking" and firing on auto. DPS wise its great, actual fun its poor. Although it is fun seeing the borg spheres shields just drop and their health disappear chunks at a time. Im just now trying to get the active doffs down. What should i use?