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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Cruisers are too slow to "shield" things in that sense on a 3D map. We also have the issue that - generally - there's no collision detection on things outside of their intended targets.

Speaking of the shield aspect though, it's one of the things I mentioned in an older one of these threads. Eng can drop out a Cover Shield on the ground... in Space though - it's a C-Store item. Definitely think that should have been an Eng innate or an Eng Space BOFF ability.
I always figured that EXS was the space version of a cover shield.

The ideas of a Taunt seem unfair as it takes the play out of being a player by making me do soemthing I would not against my will, change targets.

The idea of placate is unreasonable since the game already has Placate abilities in play, mainly the AMS, SS and JS and soon to be adapted KHG shield.

The Cruiser may just have to settle on the role of "Tank" meaning hard to kill as oppossed to "living shield that draws all agro"
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