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11-05-2012, 02:01 PM
Hah! Not only did I make a decent mission (if I do say so myself, which I just did.), my very first custom space map, AND overcome several limitations of the Foundry for the first (again, for me) time, but I also managed to tie it into my previous storyline after all!

And better yet, make quite an adventure. Even too much of an adventure - I'd optimistically say it'd take an hour, not 30-45 minutes as requested by the competition.

Oh well.

Mission name: A Rescue in Time
Minimum level: Any? Is that possible when using Romulans, Devidians (for a bossfight that isn't really Devidian) and True Way??
Description: Oh come on, read it yourself. I don't have time to quote it right now.

Edit: @handle: dalolorn

For the record, I don't expect to win. I'm not even sure I can hit top 5. But what the heck, if it bombs, I can just delete it should the mission slot be required.

Re-edit: Oookay... if I don't fix these bugs, I'm going to be the worst map released for this contest. THE STORY WON'T PROGRESS!
Oh, lovely, I can't even requote the Douglas Adams quote I used to have here I WANT IT BACK!!!!
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