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Originally Posted by rjcfoxtrot View Post
What's the Klingon angle though?

My expectation would very much be that the Klingons would see the shattered remains of the Romulan Empire to be an ideal place for expansion. It wasn't that long ago that the Klingons launched an invasion but were stopped by Romulan E. Lee, but the military surely is even more fractured now that it was before.

Could it be perhaps that the High Council has decided to go with a "Hearts and Minds" approach with New Romulus? Perhaps. Having aided Obisek, and Obisek throwing his support behind the colony, it's possible that the High Council doesn't want to lose their friend Obisek and jeopardize their potential opportunity to learn some of the secrets the Vault may have. In that instance, I find it more plausible that the Klingons would just use/threaten force with regards to the Vault rather than attempt to resolve the situation diplomatically.
My thoughts may be a wee bit cynical on the matter.

The problem with this schism with motivation goes back to the Feature Episode portings of the Federation-centric mission schema to the KDF. Friends whom I've run through their own KDF story chains with have had a common complaint: 'Why are we doing this? This doesn't really feel Klingon'. It isn't. It's a side-effect of making a faction-neutral objective when the factions are like oil and water in their drives and goals in favor of development ease or game balance.

It's Starfleet's duty to seek out new life and new civilizations for peace and sharing.
It's the Klingon Defense Force's mandate to subjugate potential threats and expand their territories for the good of the Klingon people and their territories.

The effort of making divergent mission structures for the KDF and the Federation would probably expand the development scope for the season, making two different games at once for the two factions. So better to just copypaste them and bring their ideas in line as close as possible, then tweak the text to give a faction-specific lean in motivation, even though structurally, there is no difference between them.

Amusingly, this is how we as Klingon operatives aided the Federation in the past against the Devidians in that FE mini-arc, something which I've taken to roleplaying with others through and tend to have to bite my tongue when coming up with the stupidest excuses for NOT doing what my faction's members likely should do.

When there is next to no meaningful specialization for either faction the Federation and the Klingon Empire might as well just be Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee of Double Dragon.

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