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Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
I've got other MMOs I play and a full Steam roster. You've got competition for my time!
The you (and I) are not their target audience. They want people they can milk for as much money as possible. If you split your time (and money) between multiple games then they are unlikely to get you to spend a lot on their game, and therefore couldn't care about you in the least. They only pretend to care about those that they are mining (until the mine dries up, then they will move on to the next mine)

Originally Posted by weiir1 View Post
You obviously haven't been on New Romulus that much, there have been blue, purple and green Epohhs wandering around all over the place. The similarity to Targs is noticeable, but they aren't just Brown.
Oh my! They changed the color, so it is clearly not a targ. I suppose that either those of European decent or those of African decent are not human since they are different colors and, supposedly, according to you, that means they can't be the same species. I'll contend that for "4 legged beasts" pretty much any design that may be readily made for a game someone could say it is just a slightly modified beast of another type (heck, even targs were pigs with makeup), but to say that because they are different colors they are different species is a bit presumptuous (and really lazy on the designers part if that is the only change).