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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
Mate if you've ever used a parser you'd know that against at least 75% of the borg out there the proc works exactly as described. I belive Donatra and the Klingon ships in CSE are the only one's it didn;t work against. And the new proc is going to work because, wait for it, it's not borg specific. It happens with every shot against every opponnent. With no race chack in the formuale it can't screw up like the borg proc did.
Mate, if you'd ever used a parser you'd know that the [borg] proc made up about 2-4% of your total dps over an average STF.
Far from what the tooltip promised.
But also quite in line with every other mod (which usually end up at 1-2%), actually quite good even - at least in STFs.

So while it wasn't "working as intended", it was definately WORKING. And it was definately worth using [borg] weapons for STFs - and still is, even compared to fleet weapons, the damage difference is marginal.

What I'm more surprised about though is that this wasn't common knowledge.
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