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11-05-2012, 04:37 PM
Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Look Guys, I think we an all agree that cruisers were fine and dandy pre-season 6... so why not just reset their combat capabilities to what they were then? That would restore balance without needing new weapons, skills, buffs etc.

Just a thought that will likely be ignored
I've heard you lamenting how jack of all trades cruisers are worthless now, but you also said that very recently someone had finally convinced you to shift your power (to weapons if memory serves). So I have to ask just WHAT this jack of all trades cruiser you can't use anymore was? It didn't have all power to weapons or shields from what I can gather, so it was neither good at DPS nor tanking.

Have you considered that this jack of all trades cruiser may in fact have never been useful at all? That whatever changes you keep wanting to roll back did in fact do nothing more than bring said uselessness to light better than before?

I'm really trying to understand how this jack of all trades cruiser you keep bringing up actually worked. My only cruiser experience is post S6, so I'm not sure how a jack of all trades cruiser could have ever worked before, since I can't seem to find what the big changes to cruisers were. What's more, since I build my cruisers with an eye towards DPS and "just enough" tankiness to barely hang on while tanking a gate and a tac cube I can't imagine how anything else would've worked as an useful build for PvE? I mean.. you do damage and you tank, throw in some debuffs and that's what I think cruisers are meant to be, and they work AMAZINGLY well at it.