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11-05-2012, 04:50 PM

I was not saying that it is a bug i know what a bug is.I was just saying that it is just dumb to disable the Dilithium exchange on tribble.When life subs like me have ton's of Zp just sitting there doing nothing.This is my point on this subject.Way not give us a option to convert Zp to Dilithium on test server.The Dilithium Exchange can stay off on tribble but give us an option to convert all of that Dilithium to some thing at lest.

I am all so saying even if you transfer a toon from holodeck to Tribble with enough Dilthium and try to bye new items out of the Dilithium store that stuff is bound to that char.

I wanted to get some new MK II gear for a new toon and i can't even get that on tribble unless i do stuff like missions.But yes i can transfer toon's with the gear i need to test sever but it really is such a pain some times to do it.

There is just some thing's that are all most point less in the game that really does not make any kinda sense at all.