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11-05-2012, 05:53 PM
There are many weapon builds that are viable and you may get several different opinions but as far as carrier pets go, Advanced Danube Runabouts are the way togo. The Armitage is an Escort so 'you' will be handling the DPS end. Being able to lock down your opponents with the Danube tractor beams allows you to concentrate your fire and cut them a new 'one'.

Anti-Protons are good, especially if you're specc'd into Energy Weapons Specialization for the increased crit chance/severity.

I would go all AP Mags in your Tac Slots. I'm assuming your Aft weapons are Turrets.

The Armitage has lower turnrate than most of the other Fedscort options, so you may want to consider an RCS console. 2 purple mk XI or XII Neutronium Alloy consoles for resists would be ideal but they aren't cheap. 2 Field Generators or Shield Emitters for your Science console slots.

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