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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
6 beams (same type)
2 torps (same type)

TT1, HY2, FAW3
ET1, aux2sif1
ST1, JS2

borg, 2x neut, 1 mono
2x field gen
3x tet consoles

(Written at 01:00 so I will clarify later if requested)

the above is the "Jack of all trades cruiser build I was using pre S6
well jam sensors is simply crap...only way for cruiser is HE and TSS. Aux to sif 1 is too low. get aux2sif3.

i suggest: TT1, delta1 or beta1, faw3 or TT1, spread 2, faw3
ET1, RSP, EWP1, aux2sif3
EptW1, EPtS2
EPtS1 or EPtW1(situational)

use 7 beams and only one torp tube front.
get 2 DOFFs that increase powerlevels on Emergency power to x and 1 or 2 that decrease the cooldown.

run atleast 100 power on weapon , so that when you hit EPtW it goes over the 125. it will counter the drain even if it is over 125.
leave engine power at absolute minimum, raise shield above in aux.

now you have 3 support heals (if you get a ExS instead of EWP, you have 4) if you are under fire you can rotate EPtS constantly...should also proc your doffs to boost HE1, TSS2 and aux to sif for further powerfull heals that you can share with others.

tbh i would actually rather play an excelsior with 3 DBB front and 4 turrets back and BO3, but thats personal preference. and rotating 2x EPtW1.

For a "jack of all trades" build any oddy is better, even the free one.
Go pro or go home

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