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11-05-2012, 07:40 PM
So basically you are taking my ability to help my fleet with my 8 rank 50 captains out the window and making it to where with my free time I will be able to grind a max of 8k dilithium per day, and thats with a full days worth of play time where as before I could grind out an easy 80k Dilithium per day. Your not just showing that you do not give a **** about me as a player your actively working to drive people like me out of the game, have you guys ever even considered how this will effect people that buy Zen to get Dilithium? If you more then half the total Dilithium available on the server and increase what you need it for you are going to be losing ALOT of money on this venture as nobody will have the extra Dilithium to sell on the exchange anymore. Plus all this stuff about adding in more and more currency types is retarded. Remember about a year ago when you first introduced Dilithium because you guys wanted to simplify everything down to one single end game currency? Now you have added 4 currencies in the last 2 updates? Your going backwards with this game to the stuff that made you sell the company to Perfect World in the first place. Wake up and at least do not make the same mistake that your own company made a year ago...