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It all comes down to how the in-game math works. Basically as fair as I'm aware this is how damage is determined in practice for a single volley.

Additive Modifiers, these are not effected by anything else and provide a flat addition to the base. The base is the weapon's damage itself which is determined by its mark level and rarity. Note that a Mk 10 white will get the same exact numeric bonus from these modifiers.

Weapon [Dmg] Mods
Console Bonus Damage
Skill Bonus Damage
Miscellaneous (accolades, etc)

Then you have your Multiplicative Modifiers. These are applied to the total of the above.

Crit Modifier (Crit Chance * Crit Severity so 5% chance at 100% severity would be a 1.05 modifier)
Boff Abilities (attack pattern omega, emergency power to weapons, etc)
Miscellaneous (energy levels, etc)

In addition [acc] is never wasted as extra accuracy translates into extra critical chance and severity. So what ends up happening is that the additive modifiers do not scale as quickly as a multiplicative modifiers do and when you get to the higher numbers they become much less desirable. *2 tends to make a larger number than +2 simple put.

So lets use a hypothetical example. Weapon does 1,000 damage per volley. You miss one out of every ten attacks. Your crit chance/severity are at base 5% and 50%. Your options are to increase the damage by 10 additively [Dmg], reduce miss quantity in half [Acc], or increase crit severity by 20% [CritD?].

[Dmg] Mod would give you (1,000 + 10) * 1.025 crit modifier * .9 accuracy modifier or an average of 932 damage per volley.

[Acc] mod 1,000 * 1.025 * .95 = 974 average damage per volley.

[CritD] mod 1,000 * 1.035 * .9 = 932 damage per volley.

So as you can see the [acc] mod wins out in that comparison because of how it is a multiplier. It does get really complex though because there will be a point when increasing the base with an additive modifier will be better than increasing the multiplier as you only increase the multiplier additively so it is no where near as cut and dry as most would like it to be sadly.