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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Here's where I think we can all agree:

1. The percentage bonus benefits faster ships way more than it benefits slower ones.

2. A single RCS console is basically not worth equipping on a slower ship.

3. Diminishing returns from multiple consoles makes equipping multiple RCS consoles on slower ships non-optimal as opposed to using other Engineering consoles.

4. Faster ships really don't need much of a turn rate bonus; it's only really effective against other fast ships. (Escort on Escort).

5. Turn rate scores are not really a true linear measurement; the actual rate of turn goes up dramatically. A ship with a turn rate of 7 has more than a 1 degree advantage over a ship with a turn rate of 6.

6. Thus, what an RCS console actually does for a slow ship is not very intuitive, and leads new players to expect more than the console is actually designed to deliver.

There is, in fact, practically no good reason to install one on a Galaxy except possibly for Cruiser-on-Cruiser gameplay. You're probably better off equipping an engine with a Turn rate buff.

What a slow ship really needs is something more along the lines of "bursty" turn rate buffs, to make emergency high-speed turns.

The benefit of bursts to turn rate for any ship is to introduce a new variable into the tactical situation. Not to make cruisers turn as well as escorts... but to keep the escort pilots on their toes and not to assume that their target can't bring its' weapons to bear or bring a stronger shield facing about.

Of course, that's also one reason to keep Evasive Manuvers ready on a cruiser and to use it tactically rather than just an "Oh-No" button.
Using 2 RCS consoles I can get the Fleet Torkaht turnrate from mid to upper 20s before any other gear, boffs, or captain powers boost if further. I've used DHCs w/this boat in PvP.

Aux2Damp which all cruisers can use boosts among other things turnrate.

Omega shields boost not only turn rate, but inertia too.

APO, APA boost turnrate.

Evasives, Deut boost turnrate.

Even better piloting and spiking engine power while a quick reverse helps.

There are numerous ways to restrict a target's movement to make your's relatively better.

My guess is people who are having issues are using:

1. Ships designed to broadbeam and have turnrates under 7 and don't like that playstyle.


2. Bad Engines/builds for the turnrate they want.