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Cmdr Uni
LT Cmdr Eng
LT Cmdr Sci
LT Tac

You seriously ok with that on a cruiser.
For the record I instantly said no to that. And I understand where you are coming from. I too want more content/ships/attention to be done with the KDF. However until that happens I will just sit in my Tor'Kaht, get crap from all the nearby escorts for flying a cruiser, and then laugh quietly to myself as I not only draw aggro off of them, but then proceed to not only hold aggro, but stay alive with ease against most boss class enemies.

I really do wish they would add more content to the Klingon side. But what you need to remember is that the majority of players are feds. Therefore Cryptic/PWE is only going where the money is. The feds. Also, this is a post in the Fed subforum. Of course the majority of us are going to ignore the KDF completely here. I only post about federation things here unless I am laughing at how much better KDF stuff is in certain cases. Or if I really think the feds are getting out of hand.

However as soon as I enter the KDF subforums, I instantly go KDF. I think and breathe KDF only for the most part.

Yes, it's unfair that the KDF got shafted again, especially by a ship as stupidly powerful as the Vesta is going to be (seriously, that ship only has one bloody weakness, it's low base HP, it's stupid!!). And I am annoyed that the KDF got screwed by a few other things. But as I stated before, this is a Fed subforum. So naturally... you hear fed gripes here, with little to no regard for anything else.
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