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Originally Posted by wolfpack12c View Post
I like it but with a few tweaks.

1) dosent matter if your team wins or loses.
2) change game so the person that did the most damage gets the kill.3) award points by kill count, damage done, debuffs/buffs granted or healing done.
4) have it like the normal lvl system so the more points you have the higher your pvp lvl is.
5) if you have more damage done to your ship then heals/damage done to targets you lose points.
6) put in a vote to kick button if inactive for more then 30 sec. If kicked from more the 5 games in a day 48hr wait period. Till you can do any pvp at all

That doesn't really work. You could have one guy spewing out damage that gets healed rather handily. Over and over and over and over. Then someone else comes along and does the damage all at once and actually kills them. Who really gets the kill there? Currently it is shared. Same with healing numbers. Just in reverse. You can only rack up huge healing numbers when you suck slightly less than your attacker. And buffs etc. Who's to know what good THEY did.

"if you have more damage done to your ship then heals/damage done to targets you lose points."

Ok. You should see why this doesn't work. The faster and more efficeintly you kill your opponents the less damage you do, ultimatley to the point where you do EXACTLY the amount of damage as they have health points. So the better you get, the less damage it takes you to kill an enemy, and the longer you live, so the more damage you take that you don't necessarily need to use an active heal on. So your numbers are going to look crappy by your measure.

I'm thinking just winning or losing sounds good.

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