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Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post

i lose more and more confidence all the time with this community.

through almost 3 years of playing this game, and this basic formula even killing the almighty bug ship regularly...every time i call out for it.....

and this ship will be the one that does not die to the maxim debuff and spike in the game?

im sorry, ive popped everyone from "so and so" in TSI to "so and so" in Enter generic fleet name. no matter what you run.

mt does it at will. so does aytanhi. and i think yoda sips tea and meditates while killing. he is that smooth. you think naz won't be popping these things like teenage pimples right out the gate?


its a team game guys. sometimes it takes 2 to take down 1. sometimes it takes 3. but it all comes down to buff stripping, crowd control, spike damage, and timing. and if what you did the first time does not work, then play defensive and observe for 2 minutes. it is a supprising long window to evaluate your surroundings.

Insta popping is a myth. No, no. Wait. Insta Poping is a myth. So many things about the Pope get misconstrued, but it can take MONTHS to choose a new one.

Insta popping happens all the time. Just like the man says.

I mean I've never seen it done, but i've HEARD about it. Or maybe I've actually heard the sound it makes.

Happy flying.

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