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11-05-2012, 08:56 PM
Originally Posted by paxfederatica View Post
I recently played the "City of the Polmar Ree" mission, and at one point the player is tasked with planting a couple of explosive charges. The assets used for the charges appear to resemble the explosive satchels used in several Cryptic missions.

Are the explosive satchels now available as assets in the Foundry? If so, which tab are they listed under, and what name? I wanted to use the satchels in "Ghosts of War, Part III" (and would like to use them in the upcoming Part VI as well) but was unable to find that asset under the Details tab (where I would expect it to be), so I ended up using some other, similarly sized object as a substitute prop. However I'd still prefer to use the actual satchel asset if it is available.
There is some kind of crate that has that explosive attached to it. Alimac had to hide the entire prop in order to use that part of the prop. I've never been able to find the specific crate with the explosive attached.

Maybe someone can tell us the exact name. It's another example of something that should have clearly been a no-brainer asset (especially with triggers) , but instead we got a crate with it attached to the crate.