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11-05-2012, 08:29 PM
Well, to be fair I've been in PuG groups that just won't listen to the (tried and tested) advice that I give them.

There are elitists in this game, there's also players like myself that like to PuG the normals because I've done the Elites to death and playing the normals is just simple fun in comparison.

I've never quit on a team that's trying to make it through and if they're willing to listen I'll teach them how to play the STFs properly - but it's sad how many players drop into STFs for the first time and decide to quit when they get to the transformers in Cure or Rebecca's room in Infected.

Anyway, irrespective of experience, any 'Elite' player that PuGs normals then rages when they go wrong is far from being one of the real elite in this game...
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